One Customer, One Community

I often sit at my desk, with my eyes closed, hands rubbing against a face in desperate need of a shave, contemplating a dilemma. We face the challenge of building a support organization that can scale to meet our customer’s needs and I can’t help but think we’re missing something. Something that can redefine how we engage with our customers, something that can make their experience that much more meaningful. And just as I feel like I’ve reached my wits end, in walks Graziano with the perfect solution to my dilemma – our community. Eucalyptus has an amazing community. One that is eager to help and spread the word about cloud computing. This is summarized best by Graziano in his blog post about One Eucalyptus Community.

Eucalyptus represents more than just a product. Eucalyptus is a group of individuals who believe that together we can have a lasting impact upon the landscape of cloud infrastructure. But this group is not made up of just the employees, founders, or the management team. Eucalyptus is made up of thousands of individuals who have dared to challenge the status quo of infrastructure operations; individuals who believe that together we can make a difference.

So last year we decided to challenge our thinking around customer support and find a better way to bring these groups together, to build one customer, one community. We began the process by looking at what mattered most for our users. This was broken down in to 3 basic categories – ease of use, user experience, and integration. Over the following 5 months, we generated a detailed list of over 50 requirements, receiving input from multiple Eucalyptus and community individuals and organizations, and then organized those requirements into a priority list. We then began the lengthy process of evaluating over half a dozen community and support facing tools and concepts and narrowed the list down to a handful of options. We then identified the solution that we felt provided us the greatest flexibility in bridging our community and customers into one positive user experience.

I am pleased to announce that over the first half of 2012, in conjunction with the launch of our new OneSite and Eucalyptus 3 software, we will be unveiling a new technical support website that will encourage all Eucalyptus users to ask, search, and engage with Eucalyptus. We will make it easier for users to sign-up, participate, and join our community. Whether you are under a support contract or just interested in information or asking questions, our goal is to provide all users with the best possible experience.

Graziano’s blog was about listening to our community, and striving to be better. I would like to raise that bar higher by challenging all of us to embrace each other as members of the Eucalyptus community, and work together to share knowledge, encourage discussions, raise issues, and be part of one of the biggest technology game changers of our life time.